Taylor Swift "Fearless" Deluxe Edition

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Taylor Swift is at it again. Well... "Fearless" is being re-released. Yep, just like her debut album. A deluxe edition. I'm guessing that 10 million Fearless albums isn't enough. I just don't get it. The "deluxe" version of this album will include 6 new songs and bonus content.

The record label apparently doesn't think as a fan. I mean look at it. The fan has already shelled out money (10 million times) for the 13 tracks. Now, they are going to have to spend another $10 for the same 13 songs to get another 6 songs. So... why not wait just a little longer and come up with another 6 songs or so and release a new album. New artwork, totally new songs, a nice new project.

Anyway, the new 6 songs and bonus content appears to be hitting stores October 27, 2009 but can't confirm that date officially.