New Website Launches October 1st !!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just in time for Country Music Month, Country Music Alive's re-designed website will launch October 1, 2009! The new site is more streamlined and has a brand new look.

The website features the basics of the old website:

  • New release information
  • album reviews
  • Message board
  • Special features
The website will include a few new features:
  • Concert date information
  • Updated country music news
  • Country Music Q&A feature
The Q&A feature will allow you to send your general country music question for a personalize answer and if I am online, you can chat directly with me to get your answer. The first special feature on the new site will be my annual CMA Award viewer's guide, that will be available immediately upon the launch of the new website.

The website has a totally new look, using a more up-to-date design look. Some of the content that used to be on the website about country music history and other general content will appear on a new website that should be launched sometime next year.

The new design of the website will be available around 4:30pm EST on October 1. The website is