2009 CMA Award Predictions

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well, it is voting time for CMA Members, and that means we are getting real close to the 2009 CMA Awards. 23 days in fact.

So, I think its time to go on the record with my predictions for the 43rd Annual Country Music Association Awards.

These are just that predictions. I usually have a 50/50 track record on this game. After you read my predictions, join in on the discussion over on Facebook to share your predictions!

Music Video- Taylor Swift "Love Story"
This category is always heard to call. There always great videos and personally, I don't watch too many videos. I'm going with Taylor Swift on this one.

Musical Event- "Start A Band" Brad Paisley and Keith Urban
Well, this category comes down to two I think. "Cowgirls Don't Cry" and "Start A Band." "I Told You So" was a great nominee, but doesn't have anywhere near the airplay that the other two does. I think talent in instrumentation takes this category, with the guitar work both of these talented artists give to the song. Plus, think about it, how many times have you heard this song in the past year?

New Artist- Zac Brown Band
Wow, I didn't like thinking about this category. Again, Zac Brown Band for their country music exposure, fan base, and attention they have received this year with "Chicken Fried" among other hits or the raw country talent of Jamey Johnson. This is one category I wish the final vote tally would be shared.. it will be close.
Single- "Chicken Fried"
Now remember, this category is more oabout the song itself, and not so much the songwriting aspects. This song has been addictive, massive airplay, made fans for the group, and just a plain fun song.

Song- "Then" Brad Paisley
Powerhouse lyrical ballad. This category focuses on the song lyrics. "In Color" as well could very easily win this award. If the Association follows their history of giving awards, "In Color" will miss the win... even though it may be justified to come out on top.

Album- "Fearless" Taylor Swift
Um, what can I say. One word- Sales. She has been a life line for the industry.

Vocal Duo- Sugarland
Look at the past year for this duo. There is Brooks & Dunn that may be the sentimental favorite.. as many times as they have won this award and announcing the end of the duo.

Vocal Group- Rascal Flatts
Another year for Rascal Flatts. Tour success and pop appeal just may be enough for another year for them.

Female Vocalist- Taylor Swift
Not much to say here... or to compete with. Look at album sales, she wins. Look at tour success, she wins. Look at just about any category and she is on top or close to it.
Male Vocalist- Kenny Cheseny
Well.. can we have a tie? Just give them all the award- 1 for each or cut it up into pieces. No, um, ok.. well, it can come down to a coin flip. I mean really. All 5 nominees live up to this award. Lets go with Kenny Chesney.

Entertainer- Taylor Swift
It's going to amazing to watch. Can you see her excitement already? I have a feeling we will see it live... her year has again been explosive to say the least. Tour, album, singles, character, and any other quality you can think of she has been the best of the best for country music this year. Not much of a close call, for a change. If she doesn't win it, well, that will be shocking.

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Debbie said...

You are totally right. I agree with all of your predictions. Go Taylor Swift!

serena said...

yeah me too... i absolutely agree with your predictions.. i love taylor swift.. she's an amazing singer and entertainer... go taylor swift..

Anonymous said...

I disagree with female vocalist - it is Carrie Underwood. Taylor may have sales but she does not have the pipes. Look at this past week dancing with the stars ...not a good presentation.

Anonymous said...

you are so biased and think Taylor will win everything she is up for you are wrong. 1. she will not will entertainer of the year it will be Keith or brad. 2. she will not win fvoty because she cannot sing it is Carrie Underwood who will win this. as for album I think brad American Saturday night or Keith urban defying gravity, or George strait. but I feel its brad he is the best. she might win video of the year but that's it. not song or album or female vocalist let me stress vocalist and Taylor is not what anyone would call a great vocalist she cannot sing period. and the only reason she has had the success that she has had is because she remixes every song to the pop genre. and she is just not that great. all she writes about is breakups and makeups.

Kirk Fitzgerald said...

Loving the comments, keep it up. Keep them appropriate and with thoughtful opinions....

Disclaimer: These predictions are just that... these are not necessarily my opinion who I wish to win etc.

Kevin said...

i think you should check your facts. taylor swift is not at the top of the tours. carrie was the ONLY female this past year to play to over one million fans. taylor has not. I will give her album of the year, but not female or entertainer. I'm actually kind of hoping miranda wins female vocalist bc she really deserves it.

Kirk Fitzgerald said...

Thanks for the comments Kevin... I believe it all depends on how you read the comment "best of the best" doesn't literally mean she is #1 etc.