1 Shot To Make A Country Fan

Friday, September 07, 2007

Alright, this is always a challenge in my life's journey. This challenge I have successfully done many times in my life, but everytime it gets harder.

I have someone that has not been exposed to country music too much in their life and has a open mind to exploring other styles of music. So, in about 20 songs or less, I need a list of songs that would hook anyone into the music I dearly love, and if you are reading this, you probably do too.

It can't be just today's top 20. That's too easy, for one, and more so the current list doesn't explore the music deep enough. So, it has to be a balance of the newest, that 80-90s era, and of course the classic artists. It can't be taken from a list of 20 greatest songs either, those are too familiar, but also important to include some of those type songs. This will be an sampler list to "set the hook," leading to another list of tracks that will bring the fish on shore.

When you have such a passion for a music, or anything in life, its near impossible to produce a list of this type. The list of artists going through the head is endless. The feelings each artist and song come to mind carry those emotions along with them too. That's the power of country music and thats why I am more than proud to be a country fan.

I will keep the blog updated with the progress, and of course suggestions can pour in as well.