Brad Paisley Arrested (on the Other End of A Prank)

Monday, October 20, 2008

We hear it time after time, Brad Paisley having fun out on the road with the other artists.

Lets see, Brad Paisley ran a video introducing Kellie Pickler that featured some photos that had been Photoshoped a bit and a plastic surgeon's take on the question whether Kellie has had some work done to a particular area of her body. The segment was called "You Be The Judge." View it on YouTube.

Jack Ingram had to get into a cage they built out of PVC pipe just as he was about to walk onstage and then wheeled him out in the cage with only his microphone and a hacksaw. He had to be freed 2 songs into the set. Video here

Paisley sent out a few men dressed as Cinderella out on stage during Chuck Wicks' performance of 'Stealing Cinderella.' Jewel had a prank that included a man dressed as a condom.

There so very many more examples. Tons. They have a lot of fun out on tour... and the audience is treated to a show that they just never know what just might happen.

Now, don't worry, everything done is in all good fun, and Brad Paisley does get his fair share in return. Well, Jewel has gotten her fun revenge in coordinating a mock arrest of Brad Paisley. It just may be the best prank in a long while. 1st, it happened not on stage, but when he least expected it, and 2nd, it was a really good prank. The video is below, and boy it is great. He was taken off his plane when he landed in Nashville and put into a police car when they told him he had been arrested for "excessive noodling." Watch It Here

In other Paisley news, his family is getting just a little bit bigger. His wife is expecting baby #2 to join his 20 month old son Huck. Kimberly is expected to have the second child in April.

Don't forget, Brad Paisley's newest album, "Play" comes out November 4. Read back through the blog to find detailed information.