CBS' Harry Smith Sing Country "Red State, Blue State Blues"

Thursday, October 09, 2008

This past week, with the 2nd Presidential Debate in Nashville, it gave a chance for some of the news outlets to show off the town a bit. I noticed a few reporters reporting with the Country Music Hall of Fame in the background and such the days before the debate. However, CBS took it a step further. First, Bob Schieffer performed on the Grand Ole Opry. That's amazing in itself, that must have been a thrill for his group. But then, yesterday on The Early Show on CBS, Harry Smith showed off that he can write a song and perform it. Believe it or not, I think its a really great song.

Its titled "Red State, Blue State Blues" and it can be downloaded at Sarah Darling is a newly signed artist on the Black River Music Group in which currently is home to Jeff Bates as well. Her new album is due out next year according to her website. Her vocals are incredible and can't wait to hear more from her.

Anyway, not only is the song really good, a nice little current events song, but the lyrics are great. They were written by Harry Smith himself. He said it only took about 15 minutes or so. Now, I can't tell you how many times I've heard some of today's greatest hits taking a very short time to write. Also, what is pretty cool about this are depicted in the 2 videos from CBS below. Its a nice insight to the recording of a song. The first is the best for that, and the second video is more of a music video style. The studio he recorded in was built by the great Ronnie Milsap, which is featured in the first segment.