Lean on Country Music In The Current Economy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

#9 Billboard Top 200 Chart. #1 on the Billboard Country Album Chart. Thats where Tim McGraw's "Greatest Hits 3" ends up on the charts. I don't that would be too bad, however, Curb Records wasn't happy with the sales, like Tim McGraw was.

Curb's response to McGraw's comments earlier is this:
"We share Tim McGraw's disappointment with the first week's sales levels 44,000 albums reports say), and we acknowledge that unfortunately the week that this album was released was right at the peak of the collapse of the economic and finance markets. We are going to work hard to try to take the current single "Let It Go" to number one in hopes that the economic climate is improving and that sales will also improve." They also mention they are unsure of a release date for his next full studio album.

Just thought I would be sure to post both sides of the argument.

However, that certainly does bring up an important point. The past weeks have been hard, alright very hard on the economy. We've all watched the markets go way down and prices rise on basics like food. It's tough as it is to make it paycheck to paycheck before, not for many people its even harder.

So, with that thought in mind, where do people first start saving money? My guess is in entertainment sources of expenses like movies, day trips, vacations, and yes, music and concert tickets. I expect the music industry felt an immediate punch in sales and will feel it in upcoming concerts (since tickets are on-sale so far in advance.)

There is no real solution. I'd be foolish to remind you to support the music and buy, when there isn't money there to buy with. Sure, a CD is only between say $9-18, pending where you purchase, but hey, that's just that little more that can go into the gas tank or pay a portion of an overdue bill.

Downloading music (legally) is also a way to curb some costs. Consider buying your favorite tracks at $1, rather than the full CD. Amazon sells them without any copyright protection that may get in the way of creating your own CD or playing them on different computers. I-Tunes does have the protection, but may be more accessible to an I-Pod user.

There is a way to support country music though. Tell a friend about your love of the music, share one of your CDs with them to hear, turn the radio station to your favorite country music station when they are with you and give them a chance to get hooked. You know they will... I've done it many times with friends. Then, when things do get better, and that money is available for entertainment, just maybe they will support country music.

Also, remember your local country music radio. Heck, its free. If you're an satellite subscriber, remember all the great channels at your fingertips. Your local restaurants and clubs have great music in them as well that for most likely cheaper than an album purchase, you can get your country music fix.

Another great way would be to invite some friends and family together. Make it a two-piece potluck night. Bring your favorite dish and your favorite country CD. Enjoy the meal and good music, sampling from the CDs that were brought by others.

Now, something so very awesome to remember is the power of country music alone. If you are feeling stressed balancing the checkbook, paying the bills, and checking the status of any funds you have, turn on that favorite artist or album. Country music will be there, just like always, to help you through life via the songs of life, true life. Sing 'em out loud, so loud that I can hear you and feel your insides let some of the stress bottled up in you release. No, it won't cure the problems, or make them just go away, but it will help you with clear thinking and a little bit brighter outlook.

That's just how I feel about it... hope you do as well.