George Strait Named ACM's Artist of the Decade

Thursday, October 30, 2008

In 1969, it was Marty Robbins. In 1979, it was Loretta Lynn. In 1988, it was Alabama. In 1998, it was Garth Brooks. The Academy of Country Music announced today that George Strait is added to the roll call of "Artist of the Decade" honorees.

Well, what can be said. A pick of perfection. No other artist really can come to mind that has had such an impact on country music in the past decade.. from the beginning to the end.A television special will be taped to air on CBS next year that will spotlight George Strait's award. This award is a pretty big deal. For one, it only can happen once every 10 years, and second, look at the past honorees.

That is cool news and all, but you know, I was thinking.... 10 years from now, who will be the next artist of the decade. Whomever it is, we probably don't even know them as a country star yet, just coming on to the scene, or just now becoming established. Its pretty darn cool to think of whats ahead of us in life and in music. Indeed, pretty awesome.