"Time Flies" John Michael Montgomery

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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John Michael Montgomery's newest release "Time Flies" makes the 10th album he has released, and his consistency remains strong as ever. The album’s first impression is simply this; one heck of a country album.

The album starts off with a fun song titled “What Did I Do” that really sets a nice pace for the album that talks about what a guy did to deserve a particular girl… pretty darn good start. A bit slower 2nd track, “Let’s Get Lost,” shows that John Michael Montgomery still has that special talent for a love song. “Forever” also shows that side of Montgomery. This may be the best track lyrically on the album, full of powerful lyrics and his strong, and familiar, vocals. “Fly On” again shows off those distinct vocals that are immediately noticed on a song with a beautiful arrangement that deals with loss. “Drunkards Prayer” is another song full of moving lyrics that deals with alcoholism. Tough topics, but John Michael knows how to deliver… flawlessly.

Now, we must remember, Montgomery has another side of him that can’t be missed. He can make you laugh with his songs as well. “With My Shirt On” is a great example, and well, you just gotta hear it… I won’t give it away. “Mad Cowboy Disease” is also a great fun song from the album that you will not want to miss for its lighter side.

“All in a Day” (the song where the title of the album comes from) deals with how life passes by so very fast and the final track “Brothers ‘Til the End” discusses the bond of brothers. Again, Montgomery shows a serious side, dealing with what country music deals with best… true to life topics and stories.

This album immediately brings up a couple points. The path to a strong country music album is song selection based on lyrical excellence, strong vocal delivery, and country music traditional sound brought to keep up with the times. “Time Flies” does this perfectly. I whole heartedly believe this is the result of being on an independent label, his own label, Stringtown Records. He has full control over what and how he records the songs and it shows that his country music talent is stronger than we’ve been opened to hear than ever before.

It may have been awhile since we have had a new album from Montgomery, but it was worth the wait, no doubt. I sure hope time does fly on by until the day he releases his next album.

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